March 2021


Dylan Warren-Davis on the Alchemy of Herbs.

Dylan Warren-Davis has practised herbal medicine for over 35 years and has sought out the metaphysical knowledge upon which the Western Herbal tradition has been based. It was a lengthy journey, spanning several decades of research, through Hermetic, Cabalistic, Alchemical and Astrological knowledge. He is now ready to present this long forgotten and much needed foundation of the Western Herbal Tradition.

This series reveals the depth of herbal knowledge that has been lost through a solely scientific perspective of herbs, reducing them to an assortment of chemicals. It will inspire participants with the knowledge that can be gained through reconnecting once more with the wisdom of nature.

The series will include:

  • An historical perspective of alchemy & the alchemical perspective of herbs.
  • How the Four Elements, Earth, Water, Fire & Air relate to herbs.
  • How Planetary Symbolism has been used to understand diseases, humours & parts of the body.
  • Planetary signatures within the herbal kingdom & how they are used to understand the uses or virtues of herbs.


The webinars will take place over Zoom over 3 consecutive Tuesday evenings in March.

16th March 2021: 7-9pm GMT The Alchemical Perspective of Herbs
23rd March 2021: 7-9pm GMT Planetary Virtues of Herbs – Part 1
30th March 2021: 7-9pm GMT Planetary Virtues of Herbs – Part 2 & Optimising the Virtues of Herbs

Prices: Early bird price for AMH members of £30 (plus Eventbrite fees) for the whole series. After the 20th February tickets will be £35 for AMH members. If you are unable to make all three evenings a recording will be shared with participants who have missed the sessions but will only be available for 30 days after the session.