Full Practitioner List

Our full list of practioners is shown below, with location and therapies provided.

Abigail Francis Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Colon Hydrotherapy
Adam Smith Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Iridology, Colon Hydrotherapy
Alaina Mecklenburgh Herbal Medicine, Remedial Massage, Reiki
Alan Payne Herbal Medicine, Iridology
Alexandra Martin Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Aromatherapy
Alicia Sawaya Western Herbal Medicine, Colon Hydrotherapy, Iridology, EFT and Emotrance, Sound Therapy and Divine Healing.
Ana Durning Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Colon hydrotherapy
Andrew D Greenland Integrated, Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Osteopathy
Andrew Johnson Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Kinesiology, Nutritional Therapy
Angela St. Ville Herbal Medicine
Anji Jackson-Main Herbalist,Iridologist
Anton Bennett Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Body Massage, Shamanic Healing
Bonny Casel Herbal Medicine Naturopathy Quantum Botanicals Healing Diets Essential Oils Flower Essences
Carina Kennedy Herbal Medicine
Carolina Brooks Herbal Medicine, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Therapy, Nutrigenomics, Naturopathy, Iridology, Ear Acupuncture
Carolyn Wood Herbal medicine, naturopathy, holistic massage, ear acupuncture
Cathy Skipper Herbal Medicine
Celine Konwinski Herbal Medicine Naturopathy
Chloe Bruce Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Colon Hydrotherapy
Chrissy Gray Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Reiki, Reflexology, Nutrition
Christine Herbert Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Allergy Therapy, GAPS therapist
Corina Mueller Herbal Medicine
Dympna O'Kane Iridology, Colon Hydrotherapy
Elinor Ceylan Herbal Medicine
Elizabeth Peyton-Jones Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy
Elouise Bauskis Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Iridology, Homeopathy, Flower essences, Massage
Emma Schade-Stylli Holistic Lifestyle Coaching | Naturopathy | Herbal Medicine ~ Award Winning | Living Foods Practitioner | Crystal Healing Therapist | Medical Astrology
Gavin Northcroft Herbal Medicine, Iridology
Hannah Seyfert Herbal Medicine
Jane Guest Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Well Being Coaching
Jill Davies Herbal Medicine
Jo Butterworth Herbal Medicine, Iridology
Joanne Oliver Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Flower essences, Reflex touch
Judyta Zyrek Herbal Medicine
Julia Russell Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Reflexology, Therapeutic and Remedial Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Julia Schultz Herbal Medicine, Natural Fertility Management
Juliana O'Boyle Herbal Medicine Naturopathy Dietary Counsellor Iridologist
Julie Bruton-Seal Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Craniosacral therapy
Karen Morton Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy
Kaye Angus Herbal Medicine Iridology Reflexology
Kelly Heuertz Herbal Medicine
Kelly Holden Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Colon Hydrotherapy, Reflexology
Linden Moore Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy
Lucinda Miller Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, Biomedical specialist.
Lynda Jones Herbal Medicine Food Intolerance Testing Reiki
Marcia Harewood Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Naturopathy
Marcos Patchett Herbal Medicine, Astrology
Marijke Vogel Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Infant Massage
Marina Townsley Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition
Maya Daghighi Herbal medicine, Naturopathy, Iridology
Melanie Arnold Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Body Massage
Michelle Boudin Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy
Nicola Aarons Herbal Medicine
Oonagh Donnelly Herbal Medicine, Colon Hydrotherapy, Iridology
Patina Blakeney Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Hopi Ear Candling (Thermo-Auricular Therapy)
Paula Stone Herbal Medicine,Iridology,Hypno-psychotherapeutic interventions(studying masters level at present),Advanced Hypnotherapy,Life Coaching,Stress Management consultancy, Careers guidance & Redundancy advice. Also uses NLP, CBT, EFT, EMDR, Visual imagery, Solution focussed Brief Therapy, Counselling skills, Rickter process,Nutrition & Weight Management & other approaches, to work with individuals or groups,to focus on solutions. Paula offers `hands on` therapies, such as Reflexology, Indian Head Massage,Herbal Ear Candling, Reiki.Paula offers talks & workshops & courses on a range of topics. She trains Practitioners in the use of the Rickter scale/process(an accessible, motivational, evaluation & assessment tool).Workshops & 6-8 week courses include identification & uses of herbs at her smallholding. www.meadowsweetholistichealth.co.uk
Peter Jackson-Main. Herbal Medicine, Iridology
Philip Weeks Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Acupuncture
Roseanne Eckart Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Detoxification, Naturopathy, Personalised Weight Loss incorporating your Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Programme
Ross Menzies Herbal Medicine, Kinesiology
Ruelle Down Naturopathy, Nutrition
Rumana Zahn Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Thought Field Therapy, Nutrition, Plexus Bio-Energy
Samira Siddique Herbal Medicine
Sandra Collazo Herbal Medicine Naturopathy
Shafaqat Khan Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy
Shastra Raven Herbal Medicine; Iridology; Craniosacral Therapy; Equine Craniosacral Therapy; Canine Massage Therapy
Shelley Day Herbal Medicine
Su Rayner Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling
Susan Hargreaves Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Reiki
Susse Wedel Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Iridology, Nutritional Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy. First Line Therapy.
Trishan Singh Herbal Medicine
Vera Martins Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy
Vivien Hutchinson Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Kinesiology
Wendy Sullivan Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Bowen Therapy
Yvonne Davies Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Iridology