Dr Richard Schulze

Dr. Richard Schulze is one of the foremost authorities on natural healing and herbal medicines in the U.S.A. His influence, along with Dr. Christopher, has been enormous in the shaping, and the original founding of the Association of Master Herbalists. In the early days of the association he trained Master Herbalists alongside Jill Davies and Kitty Campion. 

He operated a nature cure clinic, first in New York and later in Southern California, for almost 20 years. For the past 17 years he has continued to teach throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. He has designed natural therapy programs, which have assisted tens of thousands of people to create so called 'miracles' and regain their health. In 1994 his clinic was closed down by the F.D.A in America, in which the practice of herbal medicine (but not the sale) is still illegal.

He is considered an innovator, a purist, even an extremist by many of his colleagues, but to his patients he is considered, 'The man who has guts to say and do what the others were afraid to.' In the field of natural healing he dared to pioneer new techniques and therapies, which went far beyond what most people, thought possible with alternative medicine. The outcome of his work has been the achievement of miraculous and unprecedented results. His formulae and Incurables Program are used at clinics worldwide to help people heal themselves from degenerative diseases.

Dr Schulze is the creator of professor Cayenne's Herbal products and The American Botanical Pharmacy's line of high quality botanical extracts. He also designs herbal formulae for natural clinics and natural products companies worldwide. He has manufactured these herbal products in the United States and Europe for over many years. His herbal formulae are famous for their strength and efficacy.

Richard Schulze also created this extremely popular dietary supplement 'Superfood' in the early 1980's

Besides apprenticing with and then teaching with the late Dr. John Christopher, Dr Schulze also served an internship with the famous natural healer Dr Bernard Jensen. Dr Schulze has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine. He also holds a degree in Herbal Pharmacy and three degrees in Iridology. He is certified in eight different styles of Body Therapy and holds three black belts in Martial Arts. He has written many clinical research papers on the topics of Botanical Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and the making of Herbal preparations. He regularly writes a number of newsletters, has recorded many video and audio tapes and has co-authored books in Europe.

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Richard Schulze's Background Story

OverviewEducation & TrainingClinical Experience,
My Death SentenceMy Health ProgrammeIn Conclusion.

Extracts from Common Sense Health and Healing by Richard Schulze

I apprenticed with the late, great Dr. John Ray Christopher, America's greatest herbalist of the last century. EVERYONE who is an herbalist today has borrowed material from this man. I studied directly under this great healer and he awarded me degrees as an Herbalist, a Master Herbalist, an Herbal Pharmacist, and eventually I received a Doctor of Herbology from his school. Dr. Christopher personally asked me to teach for him at his School of Natural Healing in Utah where I taught with him until his death and then as the senior professor for many years for his family. As part of what I consider my education I taught herbal medicine every summer for 15 years in Great Britain, France and Spain. I taught at Cambridge University in Cambridge, England, Trinity Medical College in Dublin, Ireland, and at natural healing schools, herbal colleges and health retreats. In Europe and America I have over 1,000 clinically practicing graduates. I am one of the founding members of the British Herbal Practitioners Association (now the European Herbal Practitioners Association) and have participated with various British Herbal Colleges to consolidate curriculum's and assure continued presence in the EEC. I have had what I consider the best training in Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine. I studied, trained, interned and apprenticed with people who I think were the best natural healers and herbal doctors of the time. Almost all of my training was clinical training, which I believe is the best.

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How Life Threw Me Invaluable Lessons

My first (but informal) education was my three year experience in healing myself of a life-threatening disease and numerous supposed incurable injuries. After I healed myself, almost immediately the news spread, and sick relatives, friends and strangers literally crawled out of the woodwork asking me how I did it and what I thought would help the with not only their heart disease but also their cancer, diabetes, arthritis, neurological diseases, warts, everything! Personally looking back I have to laugh because I actually thought that I had only developed a detailed intensive programme for healing deformed hearts. I never actually thought about what would happen if someone followed the same programme for, say, cancer.

The knocks were coming on my door, and I remember thinking, well, it can't hurt them. Over the next few years I was astounded at the vast number of people with almost every different disease imaginable that were not just helped, but had actual healing miracles with my intensive deformed heart and heart valve natural healing programme. I quickly learned that the healing power of living the fundamentals of good health were NOT disease specific and the programmes I created successfully healed all diseases.

At this point in my life I decided that I wanted some specific education in Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine. I had taken numerous formal classes in pre-med courses from Psychology 101 to Anatomy and Physiology but I could see that they were all leading me towards the exact system of medicine that killed my parents, my short-lived friend in the hospital and almost me. This would not do.

Therefore I decided to take courses in alternative medicine, which were few and far between in those days, and also to just go and bother, hang around, intern, apprentice and absorb what I could from the great natural healing and herbal gurus of the day. My persistence and tough nature helped me gain entrance to some places and people that were considered unapproachable.

My self-education, and my recognised certifications and diplomas

As a kid I grew up in a rural town with lots of truck farms. I sold seeds and had a vegetable garden every year. I worked on two farms.

Besides the hundred billion or so hours I spent in health food stores, co-ops and herbal stores researching and trying every product, I also worked in a co-op and behind the counter in a herbal pharmacy.

I followed a man named Paavo Airola around, the great European Naturopath, like a shadow. Wherever he spoke, I went. I bothered and pestered him with thousands of questions and picked up everything I could before he died.

I went to every health convention and expo that existed in those days for not only information but also to see who was who for my next teachers.

I trained in nutrition and graduated with a degree in nutrition under Dr. Kurt Donsbach, the great nutritionist now heading Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico.

I spent two years at UCLA auditing classes. I studied in their bio-med library on my own naturally designed curriculum of medical/natural healing. I think it would have been cheaper to pay tuition in the university than what I ended up paying to park my car at the hospital every day.

I apprenticed with two chiropractors in trade for my knowledge, one a great Palmer graduate and another an old vegan eclectic doctor who had practiced in Hollywood, California since 1919.
I am certified in 8 different styles of bodywork including Shiatsu, Applied Kinesology, Deep Tissue Restructuring, and trained extensively for years in Polarity Therapy with Dr. Rocannon MacGregor.

I am certified in numerous systems of parapsychology including Neuro-lingusitic Programming and Rebirthing.

I received my teacher's certification in Hatha Yoga (Integral).
I spent 22 years actively in the martial arts, earning 3 Black Belts. I am proficient in 5 other styles.

I interned with the Great Dr. Bernard Jensen, the famous nutritionist and natural healer, author of over 500 books, and graduated from his school with 3 degrees and a truckload of common sense.

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My Clinical Experience

Using natural healing and herbal medicine
I began my first clinic in New York State in the early 1970's. I moved to Southern California and continued my clinics in Hollywood, North Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica and Malibu, California.

My clinics were open spanning three decade, over 20 years, with over 20,000 patient visits in this country and abroad.
In the last decade of my clinical practice I specialized in degenerative and life-threatening diseases. Especially the ones medicine says are incurable, like cancer, AIDS, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, liver and kidney failure, Alzheimer's disease and other neurological diseases.

The news of my success with these patients and their life threatening diseases spread. My clinical success became an embarrassment to the medical community, and my patients thriving instead of dying became embarrassing living testimonials to the failure of modern medicine. I was arrested and my clinic was boarded up.

I consider this governmental action one of my greatest achievements, an award similar to that of my great teachers. (Dr. Jensen had many close calls with the law and Dr. Christopher was arrested and jailed on 6 occasions.) I had done well, and so had my patients.

My natural healing and herbal programmes. Are simple and make good common sense.

I admit, I am a very robust, larger than life, outspoken, radical, revolutionary, visionary, intense, butt-kicking, passionate, opinionated, dynamic, loud, aggressive, and even violent Natural Healing Evangelist. Many people have many problems with me, my mannerisms and my methods.

BUT, no one has ever said my programmes don't work. In fact, just the opposite. And no one has ever said my programmes don't make good common sense, because they all do.

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What preceded this intensive training?

My Death Sentence
My father died in my arms when I was only 11 years old. He was only 55. He had a massive heart attack, but he died very slowly. It was torturous for him physically, and for me emotionally, because it took about three hours for him to die. He was in severe pain, he sweated so profusely he soaked the sheet of the bed onto almost a puddle, he vomited, lost bladder control, cried, screamed at some points, and he was peaceful. He looked into my eyes and said 'I'm dead', and then slumped into my arms for the last time. I could see tremendous fear, not so much of dying but more of what was going to happen to me.

My mother was not prepared for this in any way. She went downhill from this day on and died herself of a massive heart attack only a few years later, also at the age of 55, I was then only 14.

I lived on the streets, in communes and in the slums of big cities, I ate out of many a garbage can and, by the age of 16, I was having severe pain in my left arm, left jaw and in my heart. I would pass out at least once a day and up to 4 times a day after having massive heart palpitations. Eventually I went to hospital, where they ran many tests and ultimately diagnosed me with a deformed heart and deformed heart valves. They said without starting on cardiac drugs immediately and having open-heart corrective surgery, I would be dead in only a few years. They said I would be dead by 20 because my weak, deformed heart and valves would not be able to pump sufficient blood into an adult body.

I asked my doctor if there was anything else I could possibly do, besides cutting my ribs in half and cutting into my heart. The thought of this horrible, gruesome surgery scared me to death. I asked him, what if I exercised like mad, what if I ate differently (because health food stores were starting to pop up around town), what if I prayed?? He looked at me and said, 'I'm sorry this is a physical deformity and only surgery will keep you from dying'.

I was scared to death, scared to death, and checked myself into the hospital. I met another teenager in the hospital and we became friends. He had almost the exact problem as I did and was scheduled for to have the same surgery as me about two weeks before mine. I will always remember when my doctor, who was also his doctor, came into my room and told me that my friend had died on the table. I was stunned, shocked, filled with rage, and I never looked back.

I knew that I was dying, but I also knew that if I stayed in the hospital, the same doctor that killed my friend was going to kill me in two weeks time. It was like the French foreign legion when they say, march or die, so I marched. Running out of the hospital, literally running for my life, was the beginning of my journey, my adventure into self-healing, into natural healing.

The Next Three Years
I immediately talked to anyone and everyone, telling them that I was dying and asking them if they had any natural suggestions that could help me. Everyone I met did indeed have some sort of suggestion, so I compiled a journal of all of them because there were so many, AND I DID THEM ALL!

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I grew up in a German household where we ate blood for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I rarely saw a vegetable and if one mistakenly did end up on my plate, well, I would scoop it off and give it to my dog, who wouldn't eat it either. Okay, potatoes, we ate potatoes. By 16 my cholesterol level was well over 300. Right around this time most medical doctors agreed that coronary artery disease was a disease of the elderly. But this was also the early years of the Vietnam War and 18 and 19 years olds were getting bullet and shrapnel wounds to the chest. The war surgeons were finding advanced coronary artery disease in the chests of teenagers, so the medical world was seeing something shocking. They were just starting to think about changing their minds about coronary artery disease. This previously almost exclusive disease of the elderly was now being seen in teenagers. This was due to a new era in America, the fast food hamburger chains that literally didn't exist a decade earlier.

Anyway, a friend suggested I stop eating red meat. I did, and I felt better. Shortly thereafter I stopped eating chicken and fish and became what I refer to as a lacto, lacto, lacto, ovo, ovo, ovo, ovo, ovo, vegetarian because I lived on vanilla milk shakes, chocolate milk, eggs, cheese omelettes, toasted cheese sandwiches, and ice cream. I felt a lot better, my heart palpitations were reduced by half in both number and severity, but I was obviously still having a cholesterol problem.

So the next step was to try and reduce my blood fat and cholesterol. In other words, to stop eating all foods that contained cholesterol. I remember that day well. I thought I was going to die of starvation, because when I finished cleaning all the dairy products and out of my refrigerator, there was nothing left in it! I ended up starving for a few weeks because I still wasn't going to eat ant stinkin' vegetables.

In a few weeks I started getting the hang of it and in a few months I was in hog heaven, eating like a vegan pig. That was over 30 years ago and I have been a vegan vegetarian ever since. Over the next few years I discovered juicing, sprouting, and fermenting. I went exclusively on raw foods for about a year and a half and I also discovered grain burgers, baked potatoes, pasta and hundreds of other dishes of substance.

The bottom line is that I have personally made the transition from my parents food programme that was killing me to a new healthy food programme that healed my disease. I was then able to thrive on this food program and maintain it for over 30 years, staying disease free and in great health. And enjoying every meal.

Colon Cleansing
During the first few months of my new healing programme, I heard much talk in the health circles about colon cleansing. I had ignored all of this bowel talk as long as I could but eventually realised that I could not be healthy, and have a healthy heart, while I was constipated. I had noticed, as my food programme was changing, that I was a kid and I was an excellent candidate for some deep colon cleaning. Heck, I would have settled for a guaranteed one bowel movement a day.

I remember as a kid, once a week on Sunday my Dad would go into the bathroom, with a Sunday newspaper. He would spend an hour or more in there squeezing and grunting and would eventually come out and the smell of death would permeate the house. I would go in shortly after him and try to have my once-a-week bowel movement too.

Sometimes no matter how much I pushed and squeezed, nothing would come out. Look, I came from a long line of constipated Germans. So if and when I did have a bowel movement, and that wasn't every Sunday, it would be these hard, black, granite balls that would explode out of my rear end, sink fast in the toilet, and they were so hard I used to think they might chip the china toilet. I remember my brother could go a month without a bowel movement. I remember once or twice a year as a kid my mom would have to take him to hospital and the doctors would have to put on rubber gloves and go into my brother's rectum with their fingers and pull old hard dried faecal matter, (he will kill me if he reads this book!) Bottom line (pun intended): We were a very constipated family.

So when I set out to clean my colon I did it like I did everything else on my health programme, with intensity, passion, gusto and more intensity. I gave myself over 100 enemas, of all different kinds and variations. I used every natural and herbal bowel tonic of the era but I can say that most of them were no good. When I found one that would work, I often would take 100 capsules, the entire bottle. I remember creating my own programme of 100 capsules of herbal bowel tonic, two quarts of freshly squeezed apple juice and 1 quart of home made prune juice, all before noon. That day I was way on an extension ladder painting when the boss asked me if I could reach the top of the peak of the house. I reached up, stretched a little and crapped my pants. I took my pants off in the car and then my bowels moved again right in the seat of my car. I ran in the house with only a towel wrapped around me and had my first deep experience of bowel cleansing. I was a pioneer, a cosmonaut. I was paying my dues.
The bottom line is that after 15 good years of bowel cleansing many enemas, some high colonics, herbal implants and inventing my own herbal bowel formulae and using them consistently for 12 years, my colon has worked perfectly ever since. I now have 2 to 3 bowel movements a day, reflecting the 2 to 3 meals that I eat a day.

Cleansing and Detoxification
Besides colon cleansing I also learned that everyone should do routine cleansing and detoxification programmes. And if you're ill, and I was seriously ill, then a person should do their cleansing and detoxification programmes for a longer duration and with more intensity.

I started out with water fasting and found it uncomfortable and unnecessary. I also found it difficult because I worked out physically quite a lot because that was part of my healing programme too. Maybe if someone is just fasting and lying around then water fasting is alright, but when you are active and doing a lot of other cleansing and purifying routines I felt it is not sensible when done for more than 2 - 3 days. I then upgraded to juice fasting, which I could do for longer periods of time achieving the same detoxifying results, and getting the nutritional support I needed. Most importantly, I could follow my other natural healing regimes and routines at the same time.

I personally did two 30-day juice fasts and one 60-day juice fast. I have also done over 50 week-long juice fasts. From this experience I developed my 5 Day Cleansing and Detoxification Program. During these various cleansing and detoxification programmes I also investigated and experienced using numerous herbal formulae to enhance the cleansing process. I also investigated hydrotherapy and have visited hydrotherapy clinics, trained at some and completed their programmes all over the world.

I have formed groups where we investigated liver flushing, gallbladder flushing, kidney and bladder flushing, lung purging and skin detoxification.

The bottom line is that I have personally experienced numerous cleansing and detoxification programmes and flushes and have done many of them to extreme and intense levels.

Having a deformed heart I quickly learned that exercise was going to have to now be a part of my life, forever. But I am easily bored so I needed to find some type of exercise that would also keep me entertained. Martial Arts appealed to me and I have been involved in the practice of since I was a teenager, and then later in life taught it for years. I also found that hatha yoga helped my healing dramatically, and I trained extensively in that too. I have trained with professional trainers and have worked my entire life to make moving fun, or else I quit.

The bottom line is that I have been involved in numerous types of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, stretching and flexibility since I was a kid.

Emotional and Spiritual
Obviously I had to do a tremendous amount of emotional and spiritual healing. Even though it would seem that my parents simply died when I was a young child, tome, dead or not, it was pure abandonment.

Then, growing up on the streets, at least to start, well, I had a lot of issues. To add to the list I also had plenty of 'why me?' issues because after all, I was dying.

I took a course in Psychology 101 and dabbled in psychotherapy sessions, but all of it seemed to tame compared to my aggressive and intensive natural healing programme. Oh, it had value, but I didn't want to spend my whole life in psychotherapy, I wanted to be well now!

So the treatment plan I followed was much more of a new age psychotherapy treatment programme which included Gestalt, Reichien, Rebirthing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reverend Ike, Positive Affirmations - all of it explosive, cathartic kind of work. I had a truckload of existential nausea and I needed to get right, and I did.

I went on to train in most of these mentioned arts and used them extensively with my patients.

I also followed a spiritual path that is unorthodox and unorganised, unlike most religions, which I still practice and follow today.

Most importantly I discovered that anger and hate were killing me and that I had to learn to be loving if I wanted to heal my heart. You can't have a healthy heart, or any health for that matter, unless you first love yourself, and secondly your life. And then, of course, others.

The bottom line: I am no longer the physically and emotionally constipated German, pissed-off, angry kid I once was. To create my metamorphosis to the person I am today, it took a lot of emotional and spiritual healing, and a lot of self-acceptance and love.

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Three Years Later

After three years on al these programmes I was about 19. Remember, the doctors said I would be dead by 20. So I made an appointment to see the same medical doctor that gave me that death sentence. Was he shocked to see me! I was the picture of health. He first wondered where I had disappeared to three years ago and what happened to me. He asked me how I was feeling, and I said great, but he still suggested the surgery. I asked him if he would re-run all the tests and see if I had changed. He said it wouldn't have because it was a physical deformity and that couldn't change. But he said he would like some new tests, x-rays and cardiogram anyway to update the further degeneration of my disease, so I spent the next few days in and out of the hospital.

A few days later I was asked to come in for a consultation with him and when I walked into the room he had an absolutely shocked look on his face. He said the new test results showed no heart disease at all and that if he hadn't had my previous x-rays from three years earlier he wouldn't have believed it with his own eyes. I asked why and he said because your heart and your heart valves are not deformed anymore, they are normal! I asked him if he was interested in what I had done that healed my heart and started to mention my health programmes and he just rolled his eyes. He immediately interrupted me and said 'I don't know how your heart undeformed itself but if there is one thing I do know it is that it had nothing to do with your health programme.? He was in disbelief and in denial and the tests and pictures didn't lie. It was more than he could bear. I felt that he would have much rather I had died. My healing was shaking his belief system. His shaky medical house of cards was crumbling down, and I could tell that he wanted me out of his office and out of his sight. Little did I know that three decades later the same attitude of medical denial and fear of healing miracles would have me arrested.

So here, after three years on my healing adventure, I had actually healed my heart and my heart disease. I knew at that moment that your body could heal itself of anything, if you just give it a chance to do so. And the best way to give it this chance was to create a healthy lifestyle.

For more detailed information on Dr Richard Schulze's healing programmes using herbs and natural healing methods buy his book 'Common Sense Health and Healing'