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The members of the Association of Master Herbalists, (AMH), practice a form of Natural Healing which includes Herbal Medicine and a blend of Naturopathic techniques such as detoxification, nutrition, hydrotherapy, fasting and other ways to assist the patient back to health.

Annual General Meeting and Conference

17th September 2016 - YMCA Broad Street Place, Bath, BA1 5LH - 9:30am to 5:30pm

This year we will be holding our conference and AGM in the beautiful ancient city of Bath in Somerset. Bath is and has been renowned for their Roman Baths and spa for centuries in the valley of the Avon River. Renée Koenders  will be discussing the dutch ‘4 Natural Qualities’ method which is very successful even for very complex cases.  Andrew Mason  will be discussing his book Rasa Shāstra which details a comprehensive analysis of Asian Medical Alchemy, and describes the use of herbo-mineral-metal based medicines,

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Below is a brief video clip from Renee about the topic she will present at the AGM.

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There are sections on the site about the history of the Association of Master Herbalists, about its forefathers and preceptors - Dr Christopher and Dr Schulze, and about how this natural healing process has evolved and is practiced in the UK today.

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